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We offer our quests spacious cozy suites: 4x4x8, with outdoor walk out porches, to watch the birds and wildlife. Each suite has a number of cat perches to lay on, window seat with a view. Each room has bedding, litter box and dishes.

We also recommend bringing something familiar from home. Example, small blanket, rug, pillow, etc. This will make their visit as homelike as possible. 1-2 cats can be in the smaller suites together, we offer the larger suites for more than 2 cats, they can hold up to 5 comfortably.

Kitties will be provided with plenty of attention, entertainment and playtime. We offer plenty of cat toys, climbing posts or just nose around out into the center area,Kitties are let out, one room at a time, they will not have contact with other cats, but can see them. All suites have a walk out patio that can be used weather permitting, Suites 5 and 6 are the larger suites for 3 to 5 cats in one room,from the same family, Music or TV  is played at all times, for their listening enjoyment. Each room has a nice view of the wild life of birds, chipmunks and squirrels, to keep them intertained. As you can see by the picture.

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